Tax Lien Investing Can You Get Double Digit Returns Without Doing Any Work

Tax lien investing is a great way to save for the future; its a very good alternative to investing in mutual funds. With tax liens, you dont have to worry about the volatility in the market. The stock market or real estate market can go up or down, but your rate of return stays the same. Another advantage to tax lien investing is that you can do it yourself without paying any brokerage fees. But what if you dont have the time or the inclination to learn how to invest in tax liens profitably? Are there ways that you can invest in tax liens without doing all of the work yourself, and without having to attend the tax sale?

Although buying tax liens online is a way that you can participate in tax sales without going to the sale, you still have to spend the time to do your due diligence. But what if you could give your money to someone else who could do all the work, bid at the tax sale for you, and manage your portfolio? What if you didnt have to do anything but collect your profit (and pay management fees)? There are actually 2 little known ways that you can do this; one is to invest in a tax lien investing fund and the other is to use a tax lien agent. So how do these two methods of investing work and which is best for you?

First of all when someone else is doing all the work they have to get paid, so there is a tradeoff, it will cost you a little bit of your profit to have someone else do the work for you. How much you pay for this service depends on how much money you invest and whether you invest with a fund or through an agent. A tax lien investing agent will set up an individual account for you and buy tax liens in your name and manage your account for you. The minimum investment for most agents is $20,000 or $30,000 and they take an upfront fee that can be 6-10% of your initial investment plus they charge a regular maintenance fee. One of the agents that I know of charges 5% per year on your actively placed funds, but there average return to investors is over 30% (before fees). If a tax lien or redeemable deed doesnt redeem and you get to foreclose on the property, you actually get the property, but the agent will take a 25% of your profit on the property.

When you invest in a fund, on the other hand, you are buying shares in the fund not individual liens or deeds. All of the assets are held in the name of the fund and not in your name. There is no upfront set up fee as there is when you invest through an agent. When a lien or deed is acquired by the fund the proceeds are split evenly among shareholders. Because the expenses are shared by all of the shareholders in the fund, fees tend to be lower when investing with a fund then they are with an agent. Fees for a fund that I personally invest in are 3.5% per year and as with the agents the fund manager will also take a bonus of 25% of any profit from properties that are foreclosed on by the fund. These fees are recognized by the entire fund.

So which is the best way for you to invest your money in tax liens if you want someone else to do all of the work for you? I choose to invest in tax lien investing fund to diversify my tax lien portfolio. I like to go to a few tax sales myself, but I dont want to only invest in one state, nor do I want to use some of my profit to travel to other states just to invest in tax liens or spend a lot of time doing due diligence on properties in areas that I know nothing about. So I invest some money with a tax lien investing fund that invests in states other than the state I do my investing in. I like a fund because they have a lower minimum investment and dont have to pay a set up fee.

The downside to investing in a fund instead of with a tax lien agent is that the liens or deeds are not owned by me but by the fund, what I own are shares in the fund (which is an LLC), so technically I only own a piece of what is in the fund. I really dont mind that the liens and deeds arent owned by me, since I am using money from my self-directed IRA to invest anyway. Even if I invested through an agent the liens would be in the name of my IRA, and not owned by me personally. The upside is that I pay less money to the fund manager than I would have to pay an agent, and that I dont need quite as much money to invest.

What Wholesaling Means In The Real Estate World

Some people get into real estate investing in order to build up a small portfolio of homes and buildings and secure a nice rental income for their retirement. Other investors, however, are not necessarily looking to hold on to properties, and instead have the goal in mind of turning real estate purchases around for a profit as quickly as possible. Wholesaling in the real estate world refers to purchasing undervalued properties and then immediately attempting to sell them to other real estate investors.

A good example of an underrated property is a house which needs improvements, or a house that is on real estate market for a long period of time or even a building or home which has not sold for a reason. Wholesalers of real estate find these kinds of properties and swoop in to buy them at cheap rates from hopeless sellers. Some wholesale businessman seeks out foreclosure estate properties and other properties, which are in financial peril. Wholesaling gurus actually advise that people seek out homeowners who have filed for bankruptcy, divorce, or who recently experienced the death of a spouse since these sorts of homeowners are more likely to sell their property at a reduced rate. Apparently the ethics behind real estate wholesaling can be somewhat sketchy.

Other than searching out unfortunate folks in bad situations in order to purchase their home, real estate wholesalers have other methods they use in order to find houses to buy. Some people flood neighbourhoods with flyers and some other kind of advertising. Other people actually look their neighbourhoods for what they call “ugly” homes, directly talking to the owner and offering them. The hope of the wholesaler is that the owner is desperate to sell their home and would be so grateful to the buyer that they’ll jump at the chance. Even if the home is not currently listed on the real estate market, a wholesaler will attempt to make an offer. There are plenty of wholesalers who do not resort to knocking on doors and making unsolicited purchase offers, but it is traditionally the most aggressive wholesalers who consistently turn around an impressive profit.

Wholesalers of real estate aren’t out to keep properties, and in most cases don’t even bother to renovate them up before selling the real estate properties. Instead, they build up a large network of investors who typically purchase the properties from them and then do all the work of repairing, improving, and selling the homes at a large profit. Make no mistake about it; wholesalers do make a handsome profit in the deal with relatively little effort. Building up a large and reliable group of real estate investors is the key of successful wholesaling.

One of the biggest cautions made by real estate wholesaling experts is that it is a fine line between real estate wholesaling and real estate fraud. Unethical practices such as inflating the value of a home or forging paperwork can turn a real estate wholesaling deal into mortgage fraud, a crime punishable by law. A real estate wholesaler needs to remember that their only job is to find the homes and then pass the deal on to a real estate investor. The money they generate could be considered as a finder’s fee. If a wholesaler digs deeply into the investment deal by making it look better, big problems will certainly arise.

Many real estate wholesalers who have made a goodly amount of money turn around and sell their knowledge to potential students. Often they will advertise an easy way to get rich quick or will promise financial freedom for people willing to purchase these secrets. There’s no mystery behind wholesaling of real estate, but there’s a bit of legalities to understand and info to learn before starting up as a wholesaler of real estate. There are lots of legitimate classes and books which could explain all the details of wholesaling to a wholesaler, and there’s no reason for an individual to go to a conference which spends half day rallying the crowd rather than getting down to the basic info. If wholesaling of real estate sounds like a nice idea to you, then take some time to do some research and learn from a good source without getting caught up.

What Should I Know Before Buying Commercial Real Estate

Buying commercial property could be a risky undertaking if a potential buyer does not completely understand real estate market trends. A company owner doesnt want to spend money on commercial office space without considering all of its potential effects on the business operation. Currently, a number of new commercial office space owners have fallen into the trap of buying a piece of land and later regretting that decision.

Purchasing real estate can be advantageous to a company. It is important to consider the possibility that investing in new property will not always bring more profit to recoup the purchase expense. So, always be cautious and take time to do research and analyze the risks compared to the benefits as well as how this decision will affect the cash flow of the business and what the return on investment will be.

Important Things to Consider

Available Cash Often times, buying commercial property involves a down payment of 20 to 25 percent of the total amount of the final price. This amount is usually required before the transaction can be finalized. If making a down payment is not financially justifiable, then it may not be the right time for the business to purchase new real estate.

Mortgage After paying the 20 to 25 percent down, the new property owner must begin making monthly payments towards the mortgage to pay off the remaining balance. The mortgage payment is approximately twenty-eight percent or less of the total income of the qualified borrower. It is critical to calculate the financial capability of the business before buying real estate to be sure a mortgage payment can be handled. If the company does not have enough income to cover this, then buying new property should not be done.

Additional Moving Costs Always examine the location of where the company would like to purchase property. Check the prices and the interest rates to see if they are comparable with the financial abilities of the business. Transferring an operation to a new location often means higher expenses because of the added cost of advertising that the business is moving to a new location so all clients will be aware of the move.

Ideal Investment Owning commercial property is a good investment; however, it is important to ascertain that a company is not spending money on a building that will not allow it to prosper. The owner should ask themselves if purchasing new space will bring in more business to justify this expense or will it cause the business to suffer because of the new large mortgage payment.

Potential Risk of Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

No Future Growth Potential – One risk of purchasing commercial property is that the location of the property may not be in the best area for future growth. The location may be desirable at the present time; however, in the long run it may lose commercial appeal and eventually could significantly impact cash flow and return on investment.

Financial Loss Potential – Another pitfall in purchasing real estate is the loss of liquidity for the company, failure to recoup the return on investment due to a default in payment by a tenant and a decrease in resale value due to a recession.

A business owner should know that before buying commercial real estate, in-depth research must be done to ensure that the company finds the best location for the entire corporate operation. Factors that can affect purchasing new property could be credit scores, company reputation and available cash. If unsure about the decision to purchase commercial real estate, a business owner should not hesitate to talk to a realtor for professional advice. Knowing what to do is vital to purchasing commercial real estate!

Investing In Real Estate After The Recession

Market analysts say the recession has officially ended. However, they also believe that effects of that economic battering will still be felt by the country for months or even years to come. That has left some people asking: is it advisable to start investing in real estate right after the recession? You will be surprised with the answer.

Actually, investing in real estate today is a splendid idea. You may not believe it, but for many reasons, this is the kind of investment that will bring you profits. Here are a few of the reasons why you should inject your money into real estate today.

You can buy more real estate properties for less today. Since the economy has just come out of a slump, property prices have yet to fully recover. They are relatively lower at the moment. That means that your savings might buy you a house today. Seriously. Today presents an opportunity for you to purchase properties for pennies on the dollar. Thats value for your money. If youre a first-time home buyer, now is the right time to realize that American Dream of home ownership. If you are an investor, this is your chance to buy a property you can hold on to for now and sell for a profit in the future.

Another reason is that you have the choices of real estate. Various kinds of affordable properties are now selling across the country. The recession has led to an increase in the number of properties repossessed by banks. These are known as REOs or real estate owned properties. REOs are decent enough to become your first home. A lot of mortgage payers are also considering letting go of their property because of the tougher times. Fixer upper homes, also known as handyman specials, are very economical. These are properties that need repair and are a prime commodity for rehabbers and wholesalers.

Reason No. 4 is there are methods of investing in real estate that thrive today. Short-term methods of investing like wholesaling and rehabbing are a hit business today. Because there are thousands of available cheap properties, wholesalers and rehabbers are taking advantage of the opportunity. Wholesaling is quickly buying and selling a property for a profit while rehabbing is repairing the property before it is sold.

Lastly, education about investing in real estate is more accessible today. Before, your only sources of real estate knowledge were mentors and books. Today, there are several websites that provide this kind of education, even for free. Try

Chennai Real Estate, Buy Or Wait

Chennai is no different from the entire country, is what most of the people believe at, Chennai Real Estate also has seen no upsurge in prices in the past few months. Input costs in the real estate and construction industry have gone up tremendously.

Construction companies have to increasingly look out for land in the sub urban areas to suffice the demand existing in the market. But the major hitch in Chennai is infrastructure to support the growth in the sub urban market.

Due to these factors prices of Chennai Property also have gone up, but due to the increasing input costs in construction industry like Iron, Cement, Sand, Brick, basically due to the high cost of fuel and high inflation, apartment prices have to either further go up or prices of land have to come down.

Analysts predicted a price correction in the Chennai Real Estate market but prices have remained stable for apartments and villas, the only way for prices of land to go down is to move further away from the city, the only option for developers right now looks to be to develop integrated townships where work places and residences can be developed simultaneously, the concept of living inside the city to work might just change over the next few years.

Builders feel Chennai Property market is set for a price surge again after the political instability settles, but would not be in the magnitudes that happened before, there would be a phased controlled price rise majorly due to construction costs going up.

I personally feel, it is time to buy what you really like, negotiate with the construction company and you might get amazing prices! So go start shopping today.

Thoughts on Painless Commercial Real Estate Investment Advice

Real estate investment is the practice of buying real estate property and making a profit out of it by selling it. There are many people that make a living utilizing this type of investment as it can be rather lucrative. Nonetheless, not everyone advantages from it. There are people who make the wrong choices when purchasing property and wind up making drops.

Wondering how to get a great start in the sales of commercial real estate? As of today commercial real estate market is considered as one of the vast market regardless of where you are. You could easily find a booming career in the real estate industry if you are aware of on the right techniques of the market. You can always take good real estate investment advice for getting a great initiate in a fruitful venture.

Commercial real estate investment can be considered as very good career choice. There is always a market for business when you consider commercial real estate investment. Always remember when you get involved with commercial real estate investment, keep the deal in your mind. You always have to be alert when deciding any type of deal. Dont only go for just a good location or good appearance, but there should be lot more things you have to keep in mind like the bottom line earning you expect to make, the following terms and conditions of the agreement and moreover the approximate rate of return from it. Simply focus on the expected profit and good real estate investment advice rather than getting emotional on one property.

Always keep in mind that the whole real estate process is a long process even if you have already gone for a commercial real estate property. Now a days people or owners get so impatient with all the processes and simply give up on the deals. Basically you need to have the track for all the things like all the official documents has to be made properly, the documents need to be signed properly and moreover repairs need to be made.

Well you have to think before doing anything like for example why the previous owner is selling its commercial property and more questions like this. Sometimes, they are selling it because of a problem with the property itself. It can be any scenario like it could be prone to more bizarre scenario be the target of repeat break ins due to a vendetta or perhaps due to insect infestation and lot more things like this.

There are always new things happening in the commercial real estate as there are always new questions coming up that you cant even answer. So that is why it is said to take real estate investment advice from some experienced person that probably helps your success rate. This makes a wealth of resources available to you.

For more information related to real estate investment advice , Please visit :

Chinese Investors – Immigrants Buying High-end Victoria, Bc, Real Estate

Canada boasts a solid financial system, political stability, an excellent educational system, a good social welfare net, and a welcoming immigration policy. And all these things are attracting foreign investors and immigrants, especially from mainland China, who are buying houses, but not just any houses. They are looking at high-end Victoria, BC, real estate.

Earlier it was investors and buyers from Taiwan and Hong Kong coming into the Vancouver area. Now, it is investors and buyers from mainland China, in even greater numbers, seeking to purchase Vancouver and Victoria, BC, real estate. These investors/immigrants view Canada as good place to store their wealth and this area in particular as a good place for their children to get a western education. An added bonus is that it is not all that far from their Asian businesses.

Last year, Soufun, China is largest real estate website, organized a trip to the US in order to buy overseas real estate. This year, Canada was chosen as the destination for the real estate buying expedition. The people on these tours are looking to buy luxury homes for the purpose of immigration and so that they can send their children to Canada for study. The bulk of the activity is in the Vancouver area, but much of it is spilling over to Victoria.

The reasons why wealthy Chinese want to buy in Canada are that:

1.Canada is a safe place for investing in real estate. The Canadian housing market remained relatively unaffected while the US market suffered a devastating downturn. Further, the flow of immigrants into Canada keeps the housing market fairly stable.

2.Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world, with generous government subsidies.

3.Having been voted the most livable place on earth eight years running and with a vibrant cultural diversity, Canada is also attractive to vacation-property investors.

4.Canada is free medical care and substantial childcare subsidies, as well as its solid social welfare and pension programs, make it attractive to both parents of younger children and retirees.

The attractions of Victoria in particular are the mild climate and breathtaking scenery, the cultural diversity and educational opportunities, and the array of entertainment and architecture. The capital city of British Columbia, Victoria is a bustling cosmopolitan city that is home to North America is second-oldest Chinatown. And now Victoria is drawing wealthy Chinese luxury home buyers.

There is, then, an opportunity here for sellers in the high-end Victoria, BC, real estate market. The trick, though, is in knowing just how to market to this new wave of luxury home buyers, and this is where a reputable, knowledgeable Victoria, BC, realtor can be a huge help. Here is what a realtor can do, especially in an unfamiliar market with a new kind of buyer:

1. Provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine the best price so that the asking price is neither too high nor to low, either of which can slow down the sale.

2. Provide a marketing plan aimed specifically at the targeted buyers

3. Ensure maximum exposure to the greatest number of qualified buyers

4. Act as a negotiator and guide throughout the process

The time is ripe for selling luxury homes to these new buyers, but traditional marketing methods may not be enough. You are going to need a Victoria bc realtor with a solid online presence and effective Internet marketing system.

Monaco, government, politics, tax, finance

Motivated businessmen and wealthy millionaires in the past have been faced with a dilemma – save tax by moving to Monaco, famous for its zero per cent tax rate – or stay at home, pay the taxes, and know you’re contributing to your country?

But that dilemma for many in recent months has been firmly knocked into touch with the revelations in Britain that politicans – including those at The Treasury – have themselves maximised their expense claims and avoided Capital Gains Tax when selling a second home, which has been funded by the taxpayer.

As a result of the outlandish claims made by some Members of Parliament for their expenses and desire to minimise their tax bills, the number of enquiries for Monaco property has surged since the revelations began, according to the country’s leading Monaco property specialist who say:

‘In the past we’ve had enquiries from people considering moving to Monaco who have decided against it as they feel they should pay their taxes in the UK, despite the fact that many have already contributed hugely financially to the British economy – a lot of the new enquiries are people who have considered Monaco in the past and now see no reason why they should contribute more when Members of Parliament are doing all they can themselves to minimise their tax bills and claim all they can on expenses – which are funded by the taxpayer.’

One way Members of Parliament bumped up their expenses and the money they have made in recent years is something that has been dubbed as ‘flipping homes’ – and this has led to many businessmen and women considering buying a Monte Carlo property to see no reason why they shouldn’t move to a tax haven and buy real estate.

MP’s are allowed a second home allowance – vital for those who have constituencies well outside of London – and the purpose behind the second homes allowance is to enable them to live in London during the working week to attend Parliament, and represnt their constituents there.

Monaco Harbour

But some were telling the Expenses Office they needed repairs done to their second home, but moving their second home residency to their original house, and then later changing it back to the London home and having repairs done there too – flipping between the two, hence the phrase ‘flipping homes’.

With the increase in London property prices in recent years many MP’s have seen the value of their London property soar in value, sold it, and kept the profit themselves – with the mortgage funded by the British taxpayer. One of the most notorious expense claims was to build a Duck House on an MP’s lake – the chances of making money were far higher in Parliament than the Monte Carlo Casino!

But if people do decide to move to Monaco, what can they expect to find there? After all, Monaco is only a square mile in size.

Importantly for people with money, security is often high on their agenda, and the security Monaco offers them is second to none, with one policeman for every hundred residents. Backed up with cctv that looks after the residents and visitors for the hotels in Monaco, for many it’s a good reason to choose Monaco.

Equally important for many is the financial infrastructure of a country, and how secure their money is. With all the major banks having either a direct presence or partners, just like with the physical security residents have, people do feel safe that their money is deposited in one of the banks in Monaco. Add to that the Grand Prix, tennis, yacht show and social activities it’s perhaps no wonder that Monaco is a favourite destination for the wealthy.

And they won’t have politicians telling them to pay more tax while themselves try to pay no tax.

More information about Monaco including the casino and accommodation at the hotels in Monte Carlo are at

In Montana Real Estate Under $200k Buys Ski Resort Property

So, do you style yourself as an active outdoor person, then Montana real estate might be just what the doctor ordered? As a retirement location there is just so much to do and to see that it would take a lifetime of exploring to accomplish but a small portion of everything that is possible.

You’ll find that the Spires at Red Lodge offers all of the benefits associated with the Big Sky Country. Here’s the kicker: Red Lodge real estate is the lowest priced real estate in the
entire Rocky Mountain range for a town that contains both a ski resort and an 18 hole golf course.

To the south of town Montana’s highest peaks act as an undeveloped buffer zone to Yellowstone Park and the western lore runs deep dating back to the late 1800′s. The area offers enormous recreation and convenience as it is under one hour to a city of over 100,000.

The town boasts a new high school, new micro-brewery, and construction begins this spring on a new $25 million hospital and assisted living complex. New services, new retail stores, and signifcant upgrades to Red Lodge Mountain under new owners have got the whole town buzzing.

This rejuvenation of infrastructure is getting the attention of second homebuyers from all over the nation. Click here if you’d like to visit the best that the area has to offer!

Only an hour away, Montana’s largest city offers tremendous shopping, the region’s top hospitals, and the best flight schedules. The convenience of living in an uncrowded recreational area and having superior access to amenities cannot be understated.

The Spires has created a walking-friendly neighborhood with lots of open spaces. It is the only development in the City featuring handicap ramps on every street corner for complete wheelchair accessibility and the Meadows Park even has a spring creek with brook trout in it.

The visual element of the Spires is completely stunning with hundred mile views and the Beartooth mountains for 180 degrees. In fact, the
total mountain view shed is 180 degrees, from the Crazy Mountains 80 miles away to the northwest, the entire Beartooth Wilderness frontage and down to Mount Maurice south of Red Lodge. Somehow it is difficult to associate these spectacular views with living inside the city limits, but you are.

Beginning in May of ’09 cottages with one car garages attached will be constructed with the price tag being under $200,000 USD. The cottages were built to keep energy bills down and time spent on maintenance related activities to a minimum so you can go enjoy the world-class recreation that surrounds you. To check out the best value in Montana real estate just Click Here!

In the post-excess consumption era this innovative development has taken a conservation and minimalist approach. These methods have led recognition for sustainable living.Red Lodge, Montana also has more restaurants and bars per capita than any other community in the
State of Montana, so there is always a diversity of places to socialize.

You can get lost in the mountains, the scenery, the town, or the long list of activities as there is always something going on..

Get in on the ground floor and check out the Spires, a new rising star in resort living.

Indirapuram- A Lucrative And Viable Real Estate Investment Option

Upsurge In Indirapuram Real Estate

In the present times, real estate of Indirapuram has lured the prominent housing companies like Ashiana, Gaur Builders, Assotech and several others, with an aim to take on high-class construction projects in Indirapuram. Many say that real estate value reflects the development status of any city; the extraordinary increase in real estate and property development in Indirapuram has enabled a swift development of infrastructure and commercial landscape in the area, which otherwise went unnoticed until recently.

Reason For Rise In Property Value

Currently real estate prices in Indirapuram have soared high and it is projected to escalate even further, thus those inclined to make property investment Indirapuram could be a favored hunting ground. The prime factor as to why Indirapuram properties have gained so much positive reception is its enhanced connectivity with the commercial centers in the capital city Delhi, South Delhi and Noida.

Pointers Indicate Investment In Indirapuram Property Is Lucrative Option

An estimated 90 real estate development projects are being carried out, owing to the fast paced construction process 66 projects have been completed and another 24 are under construction. The projected occupancy rate is 72%, totaling up to 26,394 flats approximately, with prices for the apartments ranging between Rs. 1900-4200 per square feet.
Yet another reason why Indirapuram property has got a tremendous boost is that many people are eager to buy / rent property in Ghaziabad region primarily to evade the hassle of paying much high prices in Delhi and also to get pleasure from living away from the chaos and commotion of a metropolitan; yet be residing in close proximity to the National capital for functional benefits.

Undoubtedly Indirapuram real estate have opened gateways for a new lucrative investment alternatives for all who are interested in making profits through real estate, keeping the development of this new trend in view the Ghaziabad Development Authority is also undertaking many important step to further boost the growth of real estate sector in Indirapuram.

Commercial Property Has Also Got A Boost

An interesting development that has taken place in the recent times is the boost that commercial property in Indirapuram has received. This has been triggered with the mushrooming of large number of malls, shopping complexes and multiplexes in and around Indirapuram, thus, alongside residential property commercial property got a platform for development.

Additionally, based on the developments taking place in both residential and commercial real estate of Indirapuram, large number of property dealers, real estate agents and building contractors are finding numerous opportunity to earn handsome revenues, as those who want to invest in property in these areas seek their assistance for carrying out the transactions.