Best Real-estate Investment For Buy Property In Bhubaneswar

A lot of people all over the country are planning to buy property in Bhubaneswar. The real estate services Bhubaneswar is reaping the harvest of an over-all and well planned industrialization drive.
Buying a property anywhere in the world is all about making an investment. Properties are immovable assets that keep spiraling up their resale values with passage of time. The factor of depreciation does not result in de-valuation of a real estate property. Therefore, more and more people are drifting towards investing their hard earned money in the countrys real estate business. Economic progress of India especially in the last few decades is impressive. Implementation of the free-market policy and opening up to the global economy, India has attracted lot of foreign investments in various fields of commercial activities. These developments have triggered a new set of order for the society in general. People are more at ease in relocating themselves in various parts of the country in order to ensure better jobs and nurturing better prospects. Under such circumstances a lot of new cities and urban locations are coming up as prominent hubs of industry and commerce. Emergence of a particular location as a prime commercial center depends on a couple of factors, which are as follows:

Excellent network of roads and inter-linking communication system

State-of-art infrastructural amenities

In addition to these, location of ports, harbors, large railway terminals facilitate much to the cause. Administrative capital of the state of Orissa thankfully possesses these advantages as of today. There has been an impressive development in and around the city of Bhubaneswar in the last few years that has contributed to the potential of the city as a prime commercial center. Its vantage location on the coastal belt is supportive for its excessive maritime commerce. The port of Paradwip along with those of Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam are located pretty nearby Bhubaneswar. These factors engineered in drastic development of Bhubaneswar as a commercial hub in contemporary India. This entire string of positive and promising developments has contributed to the growth of real estate services Bhubaneswar. The plethora of real estate projects that are going around this place is simply amazing. Total amount of investment in the real estate sector in Bhubaneswar is worth several hundreds of crores in INR. More and more people almost every day are queuing up to buy property in Bhubaneswar.

Real estate services Bhubaneswar have tuned in a lot to suit this positive and promising trend. People involved in the trade here are constantly coming up with well planned and smart designs of real estate projects. These people are effortlessly weaving the modern amenities of life in their designer homes and offering the same to their clients at competitive prices. Real estate services Bhubaneswar is matured enough to furnish their probable clients with all possible information of their projects over the internet. Buyers do not need to drop into exact locations to get a glimpse of the quality of work that are going on. Price tags on the real estate properties are going up each day. Even a couple of years back properties at prime locations of the town were much reasonable in comparison to what they have become. This is the best time to buy property in Bhubaneswar. In the coming years, as it is being speculated by the real estate pundits, the prices will just go higher.

Buying Real Estate Why Cash Offers Are More Attractive To the Seller

In a financial environment where many loan providers are tightening their purse strings, there has been a rise in the number of cash buyers looking to invest in real estate. Whether the sale is made directly using cash or through a mortgage, the seller receives the same amount of money (though not in all cases, which we’ll cover).

So why then is a cash offer usually seen as more attractive than an offer to purchase with a mortgage? The answer ties in with the three things most sellers want out of any transaction (aside from a fair price); a speedy sale, one that is certain to go through, and the ability to move on. This combination is what gives cash buyers the upper hand in securing their choice of property over those who need to seek outside financing.

The Speed of the Offer

Cash buyers already have everything they need to go ahead with the transaction; they’re just looking for a suitable property and a willing buyer in order to make an offer. For everyone else who needs to borrow in order to enter the property market, it is not quite that simple. Yes, they can make offers, but they are not backed by anything concrete until they have been approved for a loan.

In the case of those seeking outside finance, an offer is more of an intention than a direct request to purchase the property as soon as possible. Cash buyers have this power, and it allows them to give the seller a tangible offer to mull over almost immediately.

The Certainty of Closing

Offers made on the contingency that financing can be found are totally reliant on outside sources. If they are not approved for a loan then the sale can’t go ahead. Conversely, cash buyers hold the world in their hands, and are completely in charge of their own proprietary destiny. Sellers know this, and know that an offer of cash is far more of a sure thing than an offer to purchase via a mortgage.

This certainty is so attractive to some sellers that they are even willing to accept less than their asking price, or less than any competing offers, to be sure the sale will go ahead. Bringing a finance company into the mix can cause the deal to collapse at any moment, cash doesn’t have this problem.

The Flexibility to Move On

With a prompt offer that will only fall apart if either party elects to back out of the deal, comes the flexibility to move on as soon as possible. It’s quite simple really, no seller wants to go through a long, protracted sale process, and cash buyers are the surest way to avoid this. If the seller wanted to use the money to travel round the world, or invest in another property coming on the market, or even had to sell as quickly as possible as they had already put an offer in on another house, they can now do all of that. Cash buyers allow sellers to move on with their life, which often makes them a more attractive prospect than one who has to wait for financing.

If you do have the ability to purchase your next piece of real estate with cash, you’ll now realise why this may give you the upper hand.

How To Become A Real Estate Mogul

The unpredictable stock market and constant appreciation in residential real estates have lured thousands of small investors to this market that used to be the realm for millionaires and moguls. Real estate investments are viewed as a solid and secure form of investment. But before venturing into real estate business there are a few things to consider. It involves thorough research and understanding of the real estate market trends and following the basic guidelines.
A sound financial portfolio is very important when starting real estate investments. Before getting started read some books on real estate to get the basic idea on the subject. Check out the properties in and around your area, the rental rates and the insurance and property taxes levied.

The key to investing in real estate is the location of the property. The golden rule is to buy rental property in the area you would yourself like to live in. Investing in rental property at closer distance is always recommended. This allows for an easy inspection of the property from time to time in addition to saving on the maintenance cost. It also involves inspecting the crime rates and knowing the neighborhood. It is always advisable to hire a building inspector for accessing the life of the building and spotting structural problems. When buying an existing building it is important to add the home improvement and renovation cost to your expenses. Minor structural defaults are overlooked and pointed out when bargaining, to lower the prices. But if the building you are considering buying is in need for severe repairs, look out for some other property.

For new investors starting small is the key to success. Do not make huge investments in the beginning. Expanding your folder with time and experience is the best way out. It is always important to consider return on investment in terms of cash flow and not capital gains. This involves accessing the rental income from the property. Start first by adding your mortgage payments, insurance costs, property taxes and maintenance and subtracting it from the rent you are likely to charge. This will give you an approximate idea of the cash you will gain from the investment.

For any individual spending his capital on real business is completely different from getting a mortgage. This is simply because risks on investment are higher in comparison to taking up a mortgage. Researches have shown that the interest rates on investment are about 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent higher than owner occupied mortgages. Choosing a right tenant for your property is the most difficult task. While advertising your property it is good to mention details about the rental unit. Before finalizing the deal with the renter it is important to make him fill out an application form, thoroughly check their credit and get an overview of their employment and rental record. Collecting security deposit before handling the rental property is also essential. When forming policies and rules for your properties make sure that the tenants follow them strictly. It is always advisable to get the rental property insured to avoid any unforeseen consequences. So by now you might have understood that, investing in real estate is like any other complicated investments. It requires a great deal of careful planning and intensive research from the investor.

Real Estate Analysis of Sydney Australia

Real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation is the process of valuing real property. The value usually sought is the property’s Market Value. Appraisals are needed because compared to, say, corporate stock, real estate transactions occur very infrequently. Not only that, but every property is different from the next, a factor that doesn’t affect assets like corporate stock. Furthermore, all properties differ from each other in their location – which is an important factor in their value. So a centralized Walrasian auction setting can’t exist for the trading of property assets, such as exists to trade corporate stock (i.e. a stock market/exchange). This product differentiation and lack of frequent trading, unlike stocks, means that specialist qualified appraisers are needed to advise on the value of a property. The appraiser usually provides a written report on this value to his or her client. These reports are used as the basis for mortgage loans, for settling estates and divorces, for tax matters, and so on. Sometimes the appraisal report is used by both parties to set the sale price of the property appraised.

In some areas, Stamp duty valuation an appraiser doesn’t need a license or any certification to appraise property. Usually, however, most countries or regions require that appraisals are done by a licensed or certified appraiser. If the appraiser’s opinion is based on Market Value, then it must also be based on the Highest and Best Use of the real property. For mortgage valuations of improved residential property in the US, the appraisal is most often reported on a standardized form, such as the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report. Appraisals of more complex property (e.g. — income producing, raw land) are usually reported in a narrative appraisal report.

Australian Property Valuations is completely independent network of valuers providing property valuations throughout Australia. These valuers are all Certified Practicing Valuers and Members of the Australian Property Institute.

They are skilled professionals carrying out valuations on land, buildings and improvements. They provide expert advice in matters under litigation and are recognized by Courts of Law as expert interpreters of the property market.

They deals with specialize in Residential Valuations, Commercial Valuations, Industrial Valuations, Child Care Valuations, Self Storage Facilities Valuations, Service Stations Valuations, Rural Property Valuations, Shopping Centers Valuations, Rental Determination, Tourism + Leisure Valuations, Stamp Duty Valuations in 48 hours, GST/ Margin Scheme Purposes Valuations, Deceased Estate Valuations, Matrimonial Law Valuations, Family Law Court Valuations, Rental Valuations, Pre-Sale / Pre-Purchase Valuations, Capital gains tax Valuations, Asset valuation for balance sheet portfolios, Reports for Arbitrations and determinations.

Property depreciation report is the loss in value of an asset / building over time due to wear and tear, physical deterioration and age. The cost of reproducing an income property can be recovered over the useful life of the asset which is determined by law. Depreciation is treated as an expense and is a line item on an income statement. Depreciation can only be applied to the building and not the land, since land does not wear out over time. Residential income property must be depreciated over a 27.5 year period using straight line depreciation. Commercial income property must be depreciated over 39 years using straight line depreciation. Straight line depreciation stipulates that an asset must be depreciated by equal amounts each year over its useful life.

Example: You purchase a warehouse for $900,000. The land where the warehouse resides is valued at $120,000. The building is valued at $780,000. Current law allows you to depreciate commercial properties by equal amounts annually over 39 years. Your depreciation deduction for the first year is based on the mid month convention. The day of the month that you purchase the property doesn’t matter. You can only deduct half of the first months depreciation. If you put the warehouse into service on June 1, you are allowed to deduct 6 and 1/2 months of depreciation for the first year.
———– = $20,000

Accountants calculate a full year of depreciation for the above warehouse (commercial properties) by multiplying 2.56 % times 780,000 which equals 19968. A full year of depreciation for residential income properties would be calculated by multiplying 3.64 % times the building basis.

The depreciation deductions that you write-off in any year reduce your taxable income thus increasing your profit for that year.

The real estate income property investor is also allowed to depreciate capital improvements such as a new roof or an addition to a building.

Example: You have owned the above warehouse for about 7 years now and it is in need of a new roof. The cost of the new roof is $19,500. You are allowed to depreciate the cost of the roof over 39 years. If you put the new roof on in July, you are allowed to deduct 5 and 1/2 months of depreciation in the first year. Accountants would calculate a full year of depreciation for the roof by multiplying 2.56 % times $19,500 which equals 499. Note that land improvements can be depreciated over a 15 year period using 150 declining balance. Land improvements include walking paths and trails, fences, landscaping, sprinkler systems, retaining walls, fountains, etc.

All depreciation amounts that you write-off in each year for the building and capital improvements reduce your adjusted basis for the property thus increasing the taxable profit you must declare when you sell.

Best Real Estate Company In Delhincr.

Best Real Estate Company in Delhi/NCR.

Realty Edge, a division of S & A Finman Ltd, was incorporated with this vision to make people understand, appreciate and experience the art of investing and wealth creation in real estate domain. Realty Edge is one of the best real estate company in Delhi/NCR. Realty Edge constantly endeavors towards building everlasting relationships.
We deal in plots, townhomes, Office Space in Gurgaon, villas, Apartments in Noida, farmhouse, commercial offices / buildings, Commercial Property in Noida, retail shops and land banking.

A depth of Core Values
With all of our services, philosophies and skills, Realty Edge wouldnt be what it is without our core values they ensure that satisfaction with us is an multidimensional as we are.
We will be known for always doing the right thing both in our involvement and engagement with clients and in our relationships with one another. Honesty, Integrity & Transparency are the cornerstones of our business.
Everlasting client Relationship
We respect our clients and hold them in the highest regards, ensuring an ever lasting relationship with them.
We deliver superior service on a cost-effective basis exceeding our customers expectation for efficiency and consistency.
We are a team of the best and brightest talents performing ou work with care , professionalism and dedication, always striving to add lasting value to our clients assets.
We work with clients whom we enjoy working with. We take up projects that offer excellent opportunities of wealth creation for our clients and in the process build everlasting relationships.
We strive to stay on the leading side of technology, utilizing the tools available to streamline processes, analyze data and understand market dynamics thereby providing growth-oriented solutions to our clients.

No matter what you need, we have the solution
Realty Edge creates success for real estate buyers, investors and developers. We underwrite exclusive residential, commercial pro & lifestyle properties of reputed developers and extend the benefits of best prices of bulk underwriting to our clients. We act as advisors in identifying the right time, right developer, right project and only the right price point for our clients to make the most of their investment unlike typical brokers who say yes whenever there is commission to be made.
Our services include:
1.Underwriting of Commercial and Residential Projects
2.Corporate & Institutional Sales
3.Real Estate Brokerage In Delhi/NCR
4.Sale / Purchase
5.Real Estate Consultancy, Legal & Advisory
6.Commercial Leasing
7.Portfolio Management Advisory

Thanks, Realty Edge, a division of S & A Finman Ltd
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Getting High On Opm To Grow Your Real Estate Empire

OPM = OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. This is money which you might borrow from banks, finance companies, insurance companies, friends, etc. It also is that money which YOU might raise in a stock offering or through the sale of limited partnerships to buy real estate.

No matter how YOU raise the money, OPM is MONEY YOU PUT TO WORK TO EARN MORE MONEY. Today people don’t boast about how much money they have-instead they boast about how much they owe! No longer is it a shame or a disgrace to owe money. In this modern age, the more you owe to others for business and property deals, the bigger your position in the world!

You must have heard the saying that ‘you’ve got to have money to make money’. What you need is other peoples money to get rich. The famous 17th century author, John Ray rightly wrote “Money begets money.” It is OPM that creates the financial leverage.

One of the greatest advantages of real estate investing is the power of leveraging other people’s money or OPM. In real estate investing we buy real estate with 10% or 20% down and yet we control100% of the property. When a property appreciates, it will appreciate on the total value of the property and not on the initial investment amount. This can increase returns many fold.

By using Nothing Down techniques you can use the ultimate leverage of OPM of buying property with little or no money down. Thousands of people have become millionaires by using the power of financial leverage in real estate investment.

Your goal is to not use your own cash. The most successful real estate investors use OPM (Other Peoples Money). Keep this in mind as you start to invest. You must hold on to your funds to meet any contingencies. Use OPM to buy as many properties you can that can be supported by your cash flow.

Why use your own money when so many people and businesses are willing to let you use theirs? Banks, institutions and private investors are willing to give loans for real estate investments because property is tangible, fixed and a secure asset. But before you run to the bank to borrow heaps of money you should understand how leveraging works.

Real estate OPM can come from a variety of sources with the most common being a bank. There are also individual investors or groups of investors looking to fund real estate purchases in order to get a steady stream of income. Getting equity partners is a great way of funding when the returns along with the risk are high which a normal bank will not fund.

Retirement plans and insurance funds are a great source of real estate investment funds.Many people don’t even know they can use their retirement plans funds to invest in real estate. Most people forget they even have money in a retirement account once it is stashed away. Dead equity in your residential house can be used to fund your investment properties.

Many real estate investors think that money (or lack of money) is what stops them from buying real estate. This is not true. It is a myth that holds many investors back. Understand that money is NEVER an issue. IF the deal is right, the money will come. Simply think creatively, go to the right source of funds and simply ask for money. The worst that can happen is you get a “NO”. Each no only places you closer to a “YES”.

You will be surprised to find how many banks, institutions and individuals are willing to fund your real estate investments. Just look for them in the news papers or do a search on the internet. Find a good mortgage broker. Write to the lenders and meet them with your proposal. Try and understand the lending criteria. Money is never an issue when it comes to a good investment property.

Every lender is different and have different lending criteria’s. You have to be creative and customize your proposal to the specific “hot buttons” for each funding source.

Owner or vendor financing can be a great source of OPM. When you find motivated sellers, they will be open to many of your suggestions. By listening carefully to the seller’s stated needs you can custom tailor a solution that meets those needs. If you can find a solution to their problem it will make them happy and they will be able to leave some money in for you.

Vendor financing is nothing more than the owner being willing to act as a finance company or bank in a real estate transaction. Instead of you going to a mortgage company and filling out a lengthy application form many sellers will be willing to play the part of the bank if you are able to solve their problem and give them the required confidence.

Credit cards are a great source of short term funding for real estate investors.If used judiciously they give access of up to 50 days interest free financing. Pay off your balance every month and you have access Other Peoples Money. This money can be used for down payments and quick do ups before either flipping the property or refinancing the property for no money down deals.

Tenants form a useful part of OPM strategy. If you invest correctly, your tenants pay 100% of all expenses, including the mortgage, with true passive income left over for you each month. Since the real estate correction started, getting positive cash flow property has never been easier. Tenants maximize OPM and maximize your wealth!

Before using other people’s money (OPM) to increases your real estate investing power you have to first build good credit relationships, prove to be trustworthy in your past credit dealings, and have a good FICO credit score. When you use OPM you must calculate how you’re going to repay the individual or institution who loaned you the money. Remember using other people’s money has been the way many honest poor men have become rich.

It is important for you to protect your self from claims against you when you are using OPM. This is because at times things go wrong in spite of your best intentions and commitment. You have to set up right legal structures before you start your real estate investment plan. As long as you are operating as a corporation the debt is assigned to your business and debtors can make no personal claims against you. Any prudent real estate investor will separate all their business activities from their personal assets by incorporating proper structures at the onset.

Using Other Peoples Money correctly gives you a chance to building enormous wealth quickly. All you need is to have a great investment property to match the money you borrow and you’re off on a glorious road to creating wealth. The other advantages of OPM are:

*Having money makes you work harder and you will have a greater chance to hit it big.

*With money in hand you can concentrate on the real estate aspects of each deal, improving your chances of success.

*Money in the bank, even borrowed funds, gives you more confidence so you work relaxed and close more big deals.

*Cash on hand can help you to obtain large discounts on cash offers.

*Having money readily available allows you to buy property at a discount while your competitors are fumbling around to find the needed cash.

*Lastly, with cash in your hands, people chase you for deals. This gives you independence, freedom of action, and the ability to make the best deals for yourself.

Never overlook the importance of having money in your pocket even if it is OPM. It may seem silly but it’s true. OPM can put you in a money-making state of mind. You can earn more because you have more!

Boom In Visakhapatnam Real Estate

Visakhapatnam, widely known as Vizag is situated in Andhra Pradesh on the Eastern shore of India. This port city is soon becoming an industrial hub of the east coast of India. Visakhapatnam is a beautiful city with majestic hills, valleys and golden beaches along the Bay of Bengal coastline.

The large-scale real estate developments in Hyderabad, the city of nawabs is almost on the verge of completion. Next in line for real estate boom is Visakhapatnam popularly called The Jewel of the East Coast. It is the home of the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy and has been thus, the best port in the country. Vizag is carving its position as the next IT hub of Andhra Pradesh after Hyderabad at a fast pace.

Today is the time of development for tier-III and tier-IV cities as metros are congested and tier-II cities are almost choked too. Visakhapatnam has become an important upcoming city for the Eastern India as IT industries are now swiftly entering in the city. Vizag offers easy availability of skilled labor, infrastructure and cost-effective real estate making it all the more attractive for industrial setups.

The boom in property building and the consequent hike in property prices have made this city a favorite with real estate developers. The sky rocketing prices of real estate in Hyderabad and lack of land for further expansion shifted the attention of realty developers to this port city of Andhra Pradesh. Not only this, the growth of technology sector i.e. coming up of software companies and SEZs in the city further spiraled up the interest of property investors. Various other projects by leading developers are adding to the boost in Visakhapatnam property. Some of the other reasons are:

The declaration of property projects by Encore India and Tata Consultancy triggered a hike in real estate prices while encouraging the interests of property investors in Vizag real estate.
VUDA has launched mega housing projects that would incorporate average and large sized apartments in collaboration with Singapore based promoters at a cost of Rs. 120 crores.
Construction of individual houses and bungalows in the city are competing with high rise apartments in Vizag. These high quality residential developments are fostering the demand and supply of real estate in the city.
Leading hospitality chains are also coming up with luxury hotels to address the need for expansion of hospitality sector.
Mega Chemical Industrial Estate (MCIE), a mega chemical complex is also proposed in Vizag in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad.
Other residential constructions include a duplex homes project by Maurya Developers, Green Valley Township in Murali Nagar, an integrated township named Sunray Village by Sunray Properties, etc.
Visakhapatnam is witnessing an unprecedented growth due to all the above factors. It has been welcoming this quick appreciation of land rates from more than last five years. The growing NRI investments in luxury villas, apartments and farmhouses in the green environs of the city are also adding further to the growing real estate prices.

Even the retail sector is advancing with the setting up of large number of malls in the city. Few more shopping complexes are under construction and are expected to complete in next 6 months. It will soon see the prevalent entertainment culture with more hanging-out spots being planned for the city.

The real estate in Vizag, especially in residential sector is multiplying and so are the investments. It is just the right time to invest in property in Visakhapatnam as this upcoming IT hub on the east coast of the country.

Selecting the Best Frame for Landscape Paintings

If real estate agents have the phrase “location, location, location” etched in their mind as they look at properties, then art collectors and enthusiasts should have “presentation, presentation, presentation” in theirs. Indeed, presenting the piece of art the guests and visitors is one of the areas where otherwise good art collectors and newcomers to the art world tend to stumble. There’s an assumption among newcomers to art that a painting, especially one that’s within the landscape paintings family, does not need a special frame. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth — the difference between landscape paintings that are unframed or with poorly selected frames and ones that have appropriate frames and mats are quite visible. Given how many times the subject of picking out frames comes up in discussion, it makes sense that people are naturally curious about such an important subject.

At the heart of selecting the best frame for landscape paintings lies one key concept: patience. The root problem of poorly selected frames is often a lack of patience during the selection process. In other words, you can’t rush picking a frame for landscape paintings. Given that landscape paintings tend to have no “movement” visible, it’s even more important to highlight and showcase their great qualities even more than you would for other types of paintings.

The good news is that getting a good frame can be broken down into a series of steps that can be followed each and every time in order to get the results that you deserve.

Remember that selecting a frame is all about selecting something that will complement the art it surrounds, not be the star of the show. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they go for a frame that totally overshadows the art, making it look very tacky and out of place. If the frame is too fancy, it can send the wrong message altogether — you want to convey an air of modesty while staying elegant, rather than calling to much attention to the cost of the frame.

On the other hand, that is not to say that you should select a “cheap” frame for your landscape paintings. Most of the dissatisfaction that people experience with art frames comes from getting something that isn’t of high quality. If it looks like the frame will be flimsy, it’s not a good frame. Budget will definitely play a role in what frame you end up getting — after all, virtually no one has an unlimited budget. If you want to make sure that you preserve your budget and not go over, you will want to filter out any frame that goes over the upper limit of your budget you have for the trip.

Overall, buying the best frame for a landscape painting will boil down to selecting something that truly complements the artwork and really brings it to life. That’s going to be different for every landscape painting, so you’ll definitely want to take your time — patience is truly a virtue!

Australian landscape paintings are the perfect way to really add interest and variety to a room — it’s easier than ever to find cheap paintings that really make an impact!

The Many Different Real Estate Marketing Plans

If you are a professional in the real estate business then you are sure to know just how important a good real estate marketing strategy can be for you. It can literally be the deciding factor to barely getting by versus making all the money you dreamed of. If you are struggling finding the correct way to market the real estate you offer than you may need some assistance.

A good and proper real estate marketing strategy can be the answer to all your questions about how to get more people seeing the property that you offer and therefore how to end up making more money. When more people end up seeing the properties, the higher of a chance there is that it will sell for more money.

If you are struggling trying to make all the money that you heard was possible in the real estate business, it may just be because there are not enough people exposed to the properties you offer. A real estate marketing plan can help you expand your business today.

The creation of a real estate marketing strategy may just be your answer to success, but you are going to realize that it is not the kind of thing that you can do just by yourself. It takes dedication and knowledge in the real estate market to create a strategy that will benefit you.

The Internet is becoming exceedingly popular when it comes to real estate marketing. Having a powerful online presence can allow potential customers the ease to just log onto a website and see all the properties that a company or an agent is offering. Additionally an Internet page can hold all the crucial information that a potential buyers needs to see before they make any decisions.

Although the Internet can be an increasingly useful tool when it comes to marketing it does have its limits, because not everyone is Internet savvy, and a proper marketing plan should not leave out any potential customers. That is where a real estate marketing professional can help you out the most, when it comes to letting you know what plans will work better than others.

If you or your real estate business is suffering from not enough action on the properties you hold it may benefit you greatly to look into a real estate marketing plan today. A professional marketer can help you get the money for your work that you deserve.

When it comes to real estate marketing plans, you are sure to gain the exposure and get the money you deserve with the aide of a qualified and trained real estate marketing professional, who will help you blaze down the path of success.

So What Exactly Is A Real Estate Bird Dog – Aka Property Locator

What is a Real Estate Bird Dog? AKA Property Locator

So what exactly is a Bird Dog / Property Locator? Bird Dogs, at least when used in the Real Estate lingo, are also known as Property Locators, Property Finders or Jobbers. They are the eyes and the ears of real estate investors that find properties for real estate investors to buy, properties they wouldnt be likely to find on their own.

Bird Dogs go out and find undervalued properties for real estate investors! Bird Dogs do not purchase the properties themselves; however they search neighborhoods, communities, counties, cities, and so on, looking for properties for real estate investors to buy. With a little experience, many real estate Bird Dogs advance to becoming a Wholesaler, which is actually taking control of a property (getting it under contract) and then selling it to investors.

So how does a real estate Bird Dog benefit from doing all the searching but not having to fork out a lot of moola? Investors pay Property Locators in cash when the Bird Dog finds a property the investor likes. These properties can be almost anything: single family houses, multiplexes, duplexes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, or land.

Investors typically pay Bird Dogs what is called a Referral Fee of around $1000 or more. My personal opinion is that Bird Dogs should be paid a lot more than a mere $1000 if the deal they find makes an investor a lot of money. It should be more in the realm of 3 of the net profit the investor realizes. (Note: you need to check the laws in your state because in some of them it is illegal to pay referral fees.)

If you get good at property locating you might want to advance to the Wholesaler stage of real estate investing your reward from a deal can much more lucrative because you are doing a lot more work. Wholesalers actually gain control of the property by having some type of written agreement with the seller of the property. They then sell the contract to other investors with a wholesaling fee attached to it.